Our Work

The O’Sullivan Centre initiates projects that seek to assist people who are disadvantaged in the labour market to develop skills and opportunities that will enhance their social and economic participation.

These projects include producing a Resource Kit for Community Service Organisations, developing homework clubs and recreation programs for refugee young people, mentoring programs for unemployed young people and providing training for mentors and youth workers. Read more…

The O’Sullivan Centre

The O’Sullivan Centre was formed in 1999 and officially launched on 13th June of that year.  It was named in honour of Father Hugh O’Sullivan and seeks to honour his life and work by developing projects that reflect his commitment to building a fairer society. Read more…

Hugh O’Sullivan

Hugh was originally from Tarlee in the mid north of South Australia who became a Catholic priest and worked for many years with the Young Christian Workers (YCW) at a local, national and international level.

The O’Sullivan Centre acknowledges the critical and unique role that Hugh played in supporting, educating and inspiring young workers as a State, National and International YCW Chaplain. Read more…

PO Box 3046, Ivanhoe North, Vic 3079

The O’Sullivan Centre seeks donations and funding to develop resources that enhance the social and economic participation of people who are disadvantaged in the labour market. In Timor-Leste we support health, employment and community education projects that are initiated by young people aged 18-24 through their new organisation Juventude ba Dezenvolvimentu Nasional (JDN). One-off donations as well as monthly contributions can be made using PayPal